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We plan it with friends, known people and enjoy it the most. Over a period of time, the way we shop has changed. Earlier people go out shopping as and when needed. There was nothing planned. Later, people became busier and were hardly finding time for shopping. At this point in time, we had to plan for shopping, schedule it, budget it. But now we all are even busier than ever before. We hardly find time for ourselves. We all keep a very busy schedule. The only time we are free is during the weekends. During weekends, we like to spend most of the time taking rest and completing other household work. Now this, gave way to a new way of shopping all together. A way, in which, we don’t have to go out to buy stuff; we don’t have to spend that extra time. Yes this is the way of online shopping. Browse this site listing about  reps nation

E Shopping in India:
People in India have also become busy like people in west. We generally see that most of us are employed and really have busy schedules. We hardly find time for social activities as well. In this busy schedule, shopping was becoming a headache for all. So, the popularity of malls started coming up. Malls become the best way for shopping. They were like one stop shop for all the needs. But again people hardly had time for going to these malls. There was a need of revolution for shopping. As we all know necessity is the mother of invention. Well then, there was a dawn of e shopping or an era of online shopping in India.

Acceptance of E Shopping in India:
When the concept of credit cards, online banking etc was introduced in Indian market, people did not accept that. As per Indian tradition, people still believed in going out for shopping and buy stuff with hard cash. But people working in corporate etc did not have time for all this. Youth of India, started using electronic money and this helped the online shopping in India grow. In the beginning, there was reluctance towards the acceptance; but now times have changed. People had to use online shopping as they did not have time for going out shopping. People now had to use the online shopping portals for their daily needs.

Online Shopping Portals or websites:
There are many websites that have come up with this concept of online shopping. Today we can buy almost anything that we desire over these websites. From daily groceries to air conditioners and even used cars. Anything can be bought over these websites. There is one more advantage of these websites. If you want to sell something that is used, you can sell them over these websites as well. Today, most of these websites also offer great deals. In fact my personal experience says that, buying stuff from online websites costs lesser than that in market.